Placeable Fence System v1.0.0.0 LS2019

FS 2019 Objects

Placeable Fence System v1.0.0.0 LS2019

Placeable Fence System
the pack includes:
1x concrete fence posts
Price: 50€

7x Fenceelement with color blue, red, old blue, old white, old zinc, old grey and white
Price: 560€

3x Fenceelemt with wooden boards with colorchange blue, white, brown
Price: 650€

Fence elements for the mod FS19 Personalize Farm Gates
6x Fenceelemnts for slidinggate with smal swinggate in color blue and red
Price: form 560€ to 1000€

5x Fenceelement for double and singel swinggate in old blue, old white, old zinc, and old grey
Price: from 560€ to 1000€

2x Fenceelemt for singel swinggate in color white and zinc
Price: 560€

2x Fenceelement with wooden boards for singel swinggate in color blue, white and brown
Price: 650€

The mod is compatible with Season

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