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Everyone gets crazy about pimping cars. Adding accessories, competing with each other whose car looks better and boasting about their achievements. Upgrading cars is easy, much harder is to pimp a tractor. Did you know that on Farming Simulator 2017 you have an opportunity to pimp your tractor? If no, then download Farming Simulator 17 weights mods. Weights are one of the main implements for tractors and believe us, pimping a tractor is way more amusing than upgrading a car. Also, you’ll look much cooler, because you managed to do something that most of the others could hardly imagine. Why not using such an occasion when all the FS 2017 weights mods are given for free. You’re playing Farming Simulator 17, so you deserved everything the game can offer. Be cool, be innovative and do something special. Pimping a tractor is way harder than a car, but the results are way more satisfying. Show what you got using FS 17 weights mods!